Poster POS simplifies the management of catering and retail businesses

Manage your sales, inventory, finance and analytics with Poster’s feature-rich Android and iPad POS system. Set up in just 15 minutes.

All the amenities you need

Comfortable workplace for employees

The application works on standard tablets and laptops and allows for all types of orders – in-house, take-out and delivery.

Manage your business from anywhere

You can follow your establishment online through the free Poster Boss mobile app for iOS and Android, available on smartphones.

Convenient and practical accounting

Manage your establishment more efficiently: you can anticipate future workloads, improve menu and stock management, and attract new customers with an online platform accessible through your browser.

Our benefits

Affordable price

Poster POS for Android or iPad is a tool that saves you money. Use Poster for only 29 euros per month

Round-the-clock support

We are ready to provide help and training in any situation and at any time.

Equipment at affordable prices

You can work with Poster on regular tablets or computers. You can connect receipt printers, bank terminals, and other devices. Also, there are ready-to-use kits for a quick start.

50,000 establishments have already appreciated the benefits of using Poster - join us too!

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Manage your warehouse with Poster POS: conduct regular inventories, keep track of balances and control purchasing prices to optimize your costs.


The ability to use built-in reports will provide important data about your business: which products/services bring more profit, which employees work more efficiently, how much money is spent on discounts and other information.


You can easily get any figure you need to analyze your business: last quarter’s net income, February’s payroll costs, and the reasons for discrepancies in the cash shift.


A user-friendly menu interface, real-time price changes and cost control are all available in Poster POS. And thanks to ABC analysis, you can determine which dishes are in demand and bring in more revenue.


Run loyalty programs, attract customers, create promotions, and get detailed statistics on your guests.

Launch your delivery service in one day

Create your website to take orders with a menu in just one click, use the courier app on iOS and Android, get analytics on orders, couriers and delivery times, and enjoy integration with telephony and Telegram bots.

Ideal for cafes and restaurants

Poster is designed with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. No special training is required to work with the system. Your employees can master it in 5 minutes and start selling.

All for comfort and efficiency

Join the 50,000 establishments that have already tried Poster and create your account now. And you can take advantage of a 15-day free trial period.

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